Want to get involved with helping refugees in NJ? Below you will find a list of current volunteer opportunities. Time commitment and physical involvement vary by position. Please keep in mind that some roles would start immediately and others are as-needed. Have questions? Feel free to email us at Hello@OneWorldOneLoveNJ.com.

Volunteer Opportunities (Current)

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What Details Total Spots Available Spots
What Details Total Spots Available Spots
SUNDAY JULY 9th Apartment Set upCome to Elizabeth to help clean and set up an apartment on the morning of Sunday July 9th1010 • Sign up »
Help Clean and Set up Apartment for New Arrivals Monday June 19th in Elizabeth, NJWe will be setting up an apartment for a family coming in from Afghanistan on June 19th. Responsibilities include cleaning, home set up and decorating. Email hello@oneworldonelovenj.com for any questions.31 • Sign up »
Help Clean and Set up Apartment for New Arrivals Wednesday June 21 in Elizabeth, NJWe will be setting up an apartment for a Congolese family coming on June 19th. Responsibilities include cleaning, home set up and decorating. Email hello@oneworldonelovenj.com for any questions.30
Be a Donation CoordinatorDonation coordinators receive a list of items needed for one specific family. They then collect all of the items on the list from friends, family, church/temple/mosque, schools, craigslist, freecycle.org, GoodWill, yard sales, Facebook, new purchases, etc. We will then coordinate with you to have the items picked up and delivered to the family.107 • Sign up »
Organize a FundraiserRaising funds is an enormous way to help our organization support refugees resettling in NJ. You would be in charge of the entire event (concert, drive, tricky tray, auction, etc), with proceeds being donated to One World One Love. Please note, our 501(3)c status is pending.1010 • Sign up »
Represent One World One Love at local eventsWe're looking for a few people who can set up a table at local events with a banner, computer monitor, postcards and ability to collect donations. An example would be a table at Asbury Fresh farmer's market in Asbury Park. The goal is to promote awareness and fundraise. Materials would be provided and event locations would vary based on your location and availability.55 • Sign up »
Sponsor an EventCoordinate with the One World One Love team to figure out an event that you or your organization could sponsor. Examples include a day at the beach, music class, summer camp, trip to the zoo, etc. 54 • Sign up »
Plan an EventTake the lead on coordinating an event for a group of refugee families, such as a trip to the zoo or a day at the beach. You would be in charge of creating a budget (calling bus companies to get quotes, coordinating with zoo staff, etc), planning the events of the day, and coordinating volunteers to help as needed. 33 • Sign up »
Create Welcome BasketsYou would be in charge of creating welcome baskets for new families arriving in New Jersey. They should include local maps, information about neighborhood laundry mats, parks, public transportation, emergency numbers, other information you find helpful and comfort items. You would be responsible for collecting the items and assembling the baskets, which would be picked up from you and placed in the families' home prior to arrival.10
Be a Program CoordinatorTake the lead on starting a program for the families we work with. This would include coordinating logistics, such as transportation for families, a facility, and programming. Programs could include weekly craft groups, a music class, or ESL classes33 • Sign up »
Run a Local DriveBe in charge of running a drive in your community to acquire specific, needed items, such as laptops, air conditioners or clothing. We would give you the information of what's needed, and pick up the items after the drive. You would plan a place and time, promote the event, and coordinate volunteers.21 • Sign up »
Help Set up a New ApartmentWhen a new family arrives, you would join a team of volunteers to help with cleaning and setting up the apartment so when the family arrives they have all of their basic needs met. 156 • Sign up »
Organize Warehouse InventoryHelp sort and itemize donations that are in our North Brunswick warehouse20
AccountantBe the official accountant for our pending 501(3)c; help us keep our finances and taxes organized10
Content WriterHelp to create well-written content such as mission statements, website copy, blogs, stories and bios10
Admin AssistantAssist in responding to emails, social media, research, paperwork and other misc tasks22 • Sign up »
Family FriendBecome the point person for one specific refugee family. This would involve helping them set up public assistance, doctor's appointments, navigating public transportation, being a school liaison, career and education advice, coordinating with translators if needed, helping the family with any other relevant needs and most of all, providing friendship in their new country1010 • Sign up »