Grocery Sponsorship Program

Individuals or organizations can volunteer to provide a week's worth of groceries to a refugee family.  The family will provide a list of needed items and the sponsors can drop groceries at a Drop Off Point or order the groceries through PeaPod.

Professional Mentorship Program

We support IRC in finding employers that are willing to hire refugees; set up job fairs at IRC office to help with placement opportunities; set up workshops for resume writing, interviewing, job specific language training, workplace customs, etc as well as One on One and Group Couching.

Community Donations

Have a community, organization, church, synagogue, temple, school, business or friends that want to help refugees? Be a point person for collecting donations within your community. When we get a request for items, we'll send you the list.

Health and Wellness Programs

Programs are starting to be developed that promote health and wellness, such as yoga, meditation, counseling and support groups.

Supper Club

Breaking bread is a great way to welcome a family into the community.  Volunteers can sign up to host a supper with friends where a refugee family cooks traditional food.  Attendees contribute to the cost of food plus a little extra for the new family. 

Hearts for Refugees

Hearts for Refugees is a fundraising effort to send refugee children to Summer Camp.  Participants create valentines that represent a dollar amount that goes towards camp. 

One World, One Climate

On the Summer Solstice – June 21st – join One World, One Love (working with refugees ) and ClimateMama (advocates for a sustainable future) as we light candles to honor the one planet we all call home.