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One World One Love wishes to thank all the volunteers who have contributed their time, effort, money, creative juices and friendship to welcome refugees to  our communities in NJ.  To date, all the work we have done has been volunteer based with everyone contributing from their own pockets. 

As we have worked to welcome the families our services have gone far beyond apartment set up and delivery of essential goods, to providing companionship, neighborhood orientation, career coaching, advocacy and more.   

To help us continue to deliver and grow our work we are asking for a small amount of money that we will leverage with our existing volunteer network of time and resources to provide meaningful assistance to these families.  

Donate to our GoFundMe Campaign

We are always looking for Donation Coordinators to help meet the ongoing needs of the families we’ve come to know. If you want to be given a specific list of items requested from a refugee family and collect them from family/friends/neighbors/school/church/synagogue, please contact us at