One World One Love wishes to thank all the volunteers who have contributed their time, effort, money, creative juices and friendship to welcome refugees to  our communities in NJ.  To date, all the work we have done has been volunteer based with everyone contributing from their own pockets. 

As we have worked to welcome the families our services have gone far beyond apartment set up and delivery of essential goods, to providing companionship, neighborhood orientation, career coaching, advocacy and more.   

To help us continue to deliver and grow our work we are asking for a small amount of money that we will leverage with our existing volunteer network of time and resources to provide meaningful assistance to these families.  

Donations Needed (Closed 7.3.17)

The following items are currently needed for 2 new families that will be resettling in Elizabeth, NJ. We welcome a family of 5 from Iraq: 2 daughters (age 9 and 18 months) and a son (7 years old) along with their parents. We also welcome an Iraqi family of 4 adults.

Drop off points are Neptune City, Weehawken, Metuchen and Elizabeth. Please email if you have any questions or to coordinate a drop off time.

We kindly request that you please only donate the items that you have sign up for at this time.


Sign up below...

What Details Total Spots Available Spots
What Details Total Spots Available Spots
Small Basic Home ItemsA few rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, ziplock sandwich & freezer bags, foil & plastic wrap, paper towel holder and light bulbs20
Medium Basic Home ItemsSmall bathroom trashcan, bathmat, hangers, laundry basket20
Cutting Knives and Cutting BoardSet of cutting knives for cooking and a cutting board20
Espresso cups and saucersSet of small espresso cups and saucers20
Mixing Bowls and Casserole dishesSet of Mixing Bowls (various sizes) and Casserole dishes for baking20
Pots and PansSet of good condition pots and pans of various sizes20
Cleaning EquipmentMop with bucket and broom with dust pan20
Floor fans2 Floor Fans needed to cool an apartment in the summer40
Window AC Unit & extension cordWorking AC Unit that can fit in a window plus an extension cord (heavy duty, not long - for air conditioner)20
Tool kitGood condition basic tool Kit (hammer, screwdrivers, nails, screws)20
Toys & books for 1.5 year old girlToys, books and puzzles for 18 month old girl20
Art supplies for 1.5 year old girl Art Supplies, Color Books appropriate for 18 month old 10
Toys & books for 9 year old girlToys, books and puzzles for 9 year old girl20
Art supplies for 9 year old girl Art Supplies, Color Books appropriate for 9 year old 10
Toys & books for 7 year old boyToys, books and puzzles for 7 year old boy20
Art supplies for 7 year old boy Art Supplies, Color Books appropriate for 7 year old 10
Soccer ballA soccer ball for the children to play with (always a favorite!)10
Bike for 7 year old boyGood condition, working bike for 7 year old boy - Ideally with helmet10
Bike for 9 year old girlGood condition, working bike for 9 year old girl - Ideally with helmet10
Meat GrinderMeat grinders to process meats and vegetables22 • Sign up »
Misc. houshold itemsShower curtain w/liner, tall kitchen trash can, a few plastic storage containers with lids11 • Sign up »
We are always looking for Donation Coordinators to help meet the ongoing needs of the families we've come to know. If you want to be given a specific list of items requested from a refugee family and collect them from family/friends/neighbors/school/church/synagogue, please contact us at